The ideal solution for industrial heating and drying tasks

Processes of heating and drying as well as thermal treatment of materials  in many industrial processes require continually efficient solutions to produce profitably.

  • Micor band radiator

    Micor provides applied complete heating and drying systems procedural system solutions.

  • Process optimisation

    We offer precise field tests under real production conditions. You are able
    to profit from more than thirty years of experience.

  • MICOR KIR (NIR) radiation path

    The band radiator type LE of the company MICOR provides a minimal radiation
    width of about 4mm.

  • MICOR Plant Engineering

    MICOR special solutions are made for the locally installation circumstances. Beside geometry also performance data as well as the whole automatic control will be individually adjusted.

If you take a look at many of these industrial applications in detail, it is no wonder that the transfer of energy through electromagnetic radiation in the field of infrared waves is used more and more frequently for drying processes, thermal treatment of plastic materials and metal, soldering or gluing.

It is in particular the spectrum of the short-wave infrared waves (0.76 µm to 2 µm) that has got more to offer than is normally known, like for example the use of UV drying systems has proven successful in the coating technology for cross-linking silicone systems or in label printing and flexographic printing for specific product segments and applications for the practical use of the *KIR technology.

Starting with various areas of application in offset printing to package printing and the drying and melting-on of coating powders and coatings or also the drying of paintwork in the automotive sector. In addition, there are innumerable thermal processes ranging from adhesiving on bodywork parts to thermoforming processes in the plastics industry.

In several areas of application, infrared heating and drying systems have been a familiar sight in a variety of processes for years, without, however, the users being able to specify them in more detail.