running tests on a printing press

by Svenja Wettengl

running tests on a printing press
running tests on a printing press

Today the MICOR team was back on the road again, running tests on a printing press with our customer in Bavaria. This was one of over 50 process tests we do in a year.

The challenge today was that due to the thickness of the printing ink, our customer was forced to reduce the speed of the machine in order to achieve a proper drying performance. This was a major detriment to the productivity of the plant.

With a MICOR *KIR cassette we were able to double the speed from 60 m/min up to 120 m/min and gladly rented out our simulation equipment for the next two weeks. If this has piqued your interest or you are facing similar challenges, please feel free to contact us. We will work together on an individual solution for your needs.

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