MICOR infrared tube emitters: Optimise your production processes sustainably!

infrared tube emitters
MICOR *KIR infrared tube emitters
Infrared tube emitters MICOR
MICOR *KIR infrared tube emitters

With our infrared tube emitters, you can succeed in reducing drying and heating distances and thus optimise your production processes sustainably. The reflector geometry that we have specially developed ensures substantial energy savings and thus leads to more economic efficiency in production processes.

Our custom-designed infrared tube emitters transfer the energy as pure infrared radiation without any direct contact to the product to be heated/dried – in a temperature range of 25-1,000°C. The intensity of the infrared radiation can be flexibly defined at any time via the applied voltage and changes in distance to the object.

MICOR infrared tube emitters: Full performance at the touch of a button.

Thanks to extremely short response times, the full power of our tube emitters is available to you in less than a second. Our elliptical tube emitters bundle 98% of the infrared rays on a 4mm heat tube – and are therefore highly efficient. The gold-coated reflectors also direct the radiation to such a concentrated level that we achieve optimum reflection properties for short-wave infrared light.

MICOR infrared tube emitters: Custom-tailored solutions for your business!

Our tube emitters can be individually adjusted according to your needs, without any loss of time; they feature a space-saving design and are tailored to your unique requirements and circumstances. Each infrared tube emitter can be integrated into your existing systems.

Benefits of MICOR infrared tube emitters

  • Superior drying speeds through maximum heat transfer
  • Loss-free heat supply and high energy efficiency thanks to gold reflectors
  • Extremely short response times due to full performance in under one second
  • Precise heating due to exact focal line
  • Tailored to specific requirements through infinitely variable regulation of the infrared tube emitters
  • Maximum product quality through homogeneous infrared and uniform drying

Applications and specifications of our infrared tube emitters

Areas of application

Furniture manufacture:

  • Surface heating of thermoplastic decorative films (PVC, ABS, etc.), urea or dispersion adhesives on pre-impregnated materials (HPL, CPL) as well as MDF and chipboard
  • Edge heating of e.g. products of the wood and furniture industry

Cable, rubber and plastics industry:

  • Heating of welding seams and thermoplastic films
  • Drying of profile coatings
  • (Pre-)vulcanisation of rubber profiles

Automotive industry:

  • Heating of rubber profiles during laminating, coating, painting or pre-vulcanising

Aerospace industry:

  • Stress relief annealing on engine components
  • Partial surface heating of build-up welds

Solarwave manufacture:

  • Soldering of wave plates

Textile industry:

  • Heating and drying of wire, threads, tapes and webs

Print application:

  • Drying of print markings such as barcodes and serial numbers

An overview of the infrared applications

Available options & designs
  • Cooling air supply with external, frequency-controlled fans
  • Quartz glass pane to protect the reflector chambers
  • Customised mounting options
  • Quick change device for radiation source
  • Individual connection cable
  • Integration into existing systems possible
  • Elliptical reflector body with replaceable reflector foil
  • Integrated thermocouple for protection against thermal overload
  • Receptacle for quartz glass protective pane
  • Housing made of anodised aluminium
  • Central compressed air connection or blower
  • Integrated cooling air distribution
  • Silicone wiring
  • Individual control devices
  • Adjustable focal point
  • Sectionally disconnectable radiation sources
  • Mobile solutions for flexible use

Depending on the intended use and application, our tube emitters are available in 2 different reflector versions: Our parabolic reflector emits radiation in parallel and is particularly suitable for homogeneous heating of surfaces. Our elliptical reflectors bundle the infrared light in a thin line and can thus be optimally used for heating edges.

Technical data
Output (W)
B (heat tube length) (mm) L (length) (mm)
d (mm)
Voltage (V) Reflector type
1.000 140 233 50 220 - 250 LE/LP230
1.000 272 363 180 220 - 250 LE/LP360
2.000 272 363 180 220 - 250 LE/LP360
3.000 280 363 180 220 - 250 LE/LP360
2.000 410 503 320 380 - 420 LE/LP500
3.000 700 793 620 380 - 420 LE/LP790

Other device types, designs, dimensions, power ratings and voltages are available. Depending on the application, we offer tube emitters with elliptical and parabolic reflectors. Please contact us – we would be happy to send you further information!

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